Learn to swim & have fun doing it

Your swimming journey starts here

I’m very proud of you for taking the first step in your swimming journey by coming here. Whether you’re a parent looking to get your child comfortable in the water, a parent learning to swim or an adult who wants to swim better, welcome! SANUK is the Thai word for FUN, which is what we’re going to have.

Learning, trying & improving with each lesson

A word you won’t hear in my class is “can’t” because you can! It brings a huge smile to my face when I can see after each lesson someone becoming more comfortable with the water.


When little ones go from barely leaving the side of the pool, to then putting their face in the water and excitingly jumping in when playing games and having fun. Is there anything better?!


Swimming is a great low impact exercise. Great cross-training and warm in the cold winter months. When you have the basics down, you have the foundation to tweak and be as good as you want. Keeping the sport fun and never boring!


As adults we can feel insecure and uncomfortable in the water. Even if we’ve taken swim lessons when younger but unfortunately lost the confidence as an adult. Having an instructor makes it less frustrating then trying to figure it out on your own.

What My Clients Say